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So I'm doing the Get To Know Me Challenge created by @TypicalGirl48. With that challenge you'll get to know me a little more. Here's the list of questions I'll be answering.

So today is day 2. Here's the link for Day 1:

I hope you'll enjoy !

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears

1- Arachnophobia

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This is my most important phobia. I fear every spider I see, even the most tiny ones. I don't know how it became a phobia, it has been going on for as long as I can remember.
Also it's not ont spiders but every insect or anything flying or going fast like bees or lizard.
Kinda weird

2- Atelophobia

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I always wanted people to like me so I kinda try to be the best and to not let people down or else. But I've come to realize that I'm letting myself down and changing my personality to do so.
Now that I know that I'm trying to overcome that fear of not being good enough so I can just be me and be happy.

3- Didaskaleinophobia - Fear of going to school

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I've discovered 2 months ago my school phobia. So how it started?
I think it's because of my health situation: about 4 years ago I've started to collapse a lot in class and all. I went to various doctors and even stayed at the hospital a couple of days but nobody knows what's happening to me. The thing with collapsing in class is that I started to fear to look the others were giving me when I wasn't feeling well, and the situation increased. Some of my "friends" even turned their backs on me telling me I was faking it so I could avoid most tests... Anyway it happens most of the time in school so now I'm afraid of just going to class.

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Here is the whole 30 Day Get To Know Me Challenge: