During summer or winter , am the type of person who would not like to look matte in either season .
Never look dull , always glow

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Skin care

If you want to glow , you gotta have a good base to start with , which is your skin , doesnt mean you shouldnt have pimples or acne , we all get those , but clearing your pores , toning your skin brings out that natural glow we're looking for , so skin care is key , treat yourself .

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This is the base and the key to your look , this base will provide the healthy glow we want to get to . Pick the moisturizer that goes with the needs of your skin to assure that glow .

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BB cream

or whatever feels right for you , you can use bb cream , cc cream or tinted moisturizer , the goal is to even out the skin tone , get a bit of extra glow if we can . Or you could just skip this part if you you dont like the feeling of it on your face

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glowy blush

color and glow , if you can combine these two , you won . It adds up some color on your face to get you looking alive and a bit of glow .

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in captions , you can be settle or blinding , but if you're trying to achieve the natural glow look , you better highlight in cream or liquid , it won't cake up and that's our goal .

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you got your glowy base , now you do you boo , go glossy , matte or bare that goes to you .

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Now set this and slay your day glowing

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