Hello everyone, thank you for taking time to read my article, I felt like I should write it, to clear my mind up and because I get too many thoughts about it lately. So I noticed that I became a professional overthinker like I make time for overthinking, I analyze things to death, I start to live more inside my head, I'm not living the moment, I just think about the past or the future, like if something happens to me I start to overthink about it although that it's from the past, I start making imaginations about what is going to happen if I said other different things, or if I acted differently, and then I make results, or like I overthink about the reaction of the other person I talked with, like why did he say this or act this way, and then I get conclusions, it's like I read exactly what the person wanted to say just by his body language or by his looks or by some of his acts, i don't know just anything, and as I said I get conclusions, everything that happens to me is getting his own time of overthinking. or if something is going to happen to me in the future I start imagining situations, stories and conversations and how I'm gonna act or handle and deal with these situations, I also create MANY like MANY "What ifs" , each one of them is going to end up by a very long story. Well there's a small side of me that thinks that overthinking is good somehow, I mean you will discover everything someone wanted to say, or maybe if he likes you or not, Google says that intelligent people are the ones who overthink that way and always analyze and try to get results, BUT IT'S PASSING LIMITS, I overthink ALL THE TIME I'm leaving inside my head that I'm not noticing real life, for example when I pray, I'll overthink, My mind is somewhere else, like I don't concentrate on my prayers, or if someone talks to me I won't know what to say, I don't say exactly what the real me would say, I mean in that moment I think of many answers and I can't make the decision on how I will respond , or I don't even listen to the person, which is almost what happens to me, I look at him and pretend to listen while i'm in another world. It's out of my control, it's my brain who's doing all of this, because he get used to that, I'm not living in the moment, I can waste and spend the whole day doing nothing but overthinking about what is going to happen in the future or what has happened in the past. For me THAT'S A HUGE PROBLEM!!! Because I consider myself as a happy person, and this 'overthinking' is being an obstacle in the way of my happiness, the more I grow up the more silent I become and the more overthinking I increase. I'm glad that I noticed what is happening to me and how I am changing, and I will stop this. I want to live my life and make it a better place for myself , I want my life to mean something, I want to enjoy every moment of it. When my Life flashes before my eyes on my last breaths, I want it to be worth watching, I dont want to regret not living it, I only have one Life, WE ONLY LIVE ONCE, so From now on I won't be a slave to my Own thoughts, I'M THE ONE WHO CONTROLS MYSELF, I want to get rid of this, so that's what i'm going to do.