Hello everyone,

Yes.. Dealing with society, it's probably one of the biggest issues I have ever had. Sometimes it makes me feel strong and alive, maybe even popular. Most of the time it makes me feel bad, uncomfortable, sad.

Lately, I've been trying to find my way into it. I always taught myself to be the one to say sorry. Actually, I thought it was my place. I was the one doing bad things, right? I was the one who had it all wrong, right? I should feel guilty, right?

At some point, I stopped seeing everyone else's mistakes. They couldn't have done it wrong, they were popular, they were right.

As if being popular makes you more of a human being. Why do we think that? Why do we even feel like we can make someone feel bad just because we are popular?

But I shouldn't complain. About a year ago I made an Instagram account. I made all these kinds of edits and eventually I started to get friends. Some of them were okay, maybe even like real friends. Others were .. different. They fooled me into thinking I was popular and for one second I believed them. I was a bully, together we were bullies. And we acted like we were proud of it

We are all a part of society, even if we don't want to. We play a role in a story of , hurt, tears, maybe without knowing. Or maybe we just looked away.

To conclude, we keep playing along, like dolls. But for once, I think it's time for change. That's probably why I'm writing you this article. Don't let popularity fool you into anything, you're worth more than that.

Be messy and complicated
and afraid and show up
-- Glennon Doyle Melton

Take little steps. Don't be popular. Be bold, be brave, be funny, be intelligent, be loving. And if you want to be beautiful, be yourself.

So yes.. this was one of the most personal articles I have ever made.. Any opinions you want to share? Send me a message if you'd like.

I hope you liked this and I hope I will see you soon.

X Vera