Yesterday, I published an article sharing with you what female YouTubers I binge watch, now I bring you the list of the male YouTubers I binge watch. Again, some of them are popular while some may be unpopular, but I definitely recommend watching them!


boy, smile, and glasses image

Blake Steven is a underrated YouTuber in my opinion, now before I ramble about him I want to explain how I found his channel. So, I used to have a Pinterest account (which has since been deleted because the app became glitchy then I joined WHI) and I followed a lot of boards about writing, Wattpad, and storyboards and a lot of people used Blake Steven for Harry Potters' son for their stories and etc. and I instantly thought he was cute but it took me awhile to find out his real name because everyone always forgot to credit those they were using as a face claim.

When I discovered Blake Steven’s name I was so happy and became even happier when I found out he did YouTube. He is my ultimate guy crush. He’s really cute and he’s British and his voice is so calming tbh and I usually always go back and watch his videos, he’s sorta a male model and he sings and has amazing music taste (bonus), he has made it known on his YouTube that he is a type one diabetic and he typically posts vlogs and some clothing hauls.


brian, youtube, and redmon image

To be completely honest with you I don’t understand why I like Brian Redmon’s videos, 99% of his uploads are about what guys like/dislike about girls which I usually always stray away from because everyone is different and just because one guy says that every guy in the entire universe likes/dislikes something doesn’t mean its true but for someone reason like I said, I like his videos.


jc caylen and kian lawley image

Technically their a duo so I could make another list of YouTube Duos I watch but for now I’ll just include them in this because they are males duh. Funny mid-twenty-something guys that do pranks, challenges, a little overdramatic (the funny kind) and always manage to make you smile. I’ve been watching their videos since I was thirteen.


colby brock and sam golbach image

Technically their a duo too but like I stated above their still males so I’m going to go ahead and add them to this list and later make an article about the YouTube duos I watch. Sam and Colby were viners to begin with but I believe that they made their YouTube channel before Vine was deleted (still saddest thing to ever happen) I’ve been watching their videos since I was thirteen too and they are really funny (not to mention really cute), they do pranks, challenges, explore haunted places, they have a couple videos where they portray girls “Samantha and Colleen” which are always really hilarious, they also speak out about bullying and depression really often.


mikey murphy, boy, and glasses image

Mikey Murphy is one of my top male YouTubers along with Blake Steven and Sam and Colby. Mikey Murphy is not only a YouTuber but also an actor, director, writer and producer, he directs and produces his own short films and narratives but also uploads videos that are about multiple different subjects, he has a series on his channel titled “PEOPLE TELL THEIR CRUSH THEY LIKE THEM”. He sometimes speaks really fast (I do the same) so he may seem a little bit awkward, he’s really funny and sweat and creative when it comes to his films, so I definitely recommend checking him out.

Thanks for reading, Xoxo Kailynn.