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I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and when I saw this tag/challenge going around on WHI, I just couldn't help the thought of making an article for it myself.

So, here it is:

1 | which house do you belong to?


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2 | what is your patronus?


3 | what wand do you have?

Dogwood wood with a phoenix feather core, 13" and surprisingly swishy flexibility

4 | who is your favorite professor?

Snape and McGonagall

harry potter, ron weasley, and snape image harry potter, ron weasley, and ron image

5 | what is your favorite subject?

Charms and Astronomy

6 | what is your favorite spell?

Alohomora, Wingardium Leviosa, Imperio and Expecto Patronum

7 | what is your favorite deathly hallow?

Cloak of Invisibility

8 | who is your favorite female character?

Hermione Granger

harry potter, idiot, and hermione granger image harry potter, hermione, and hermione granger image

9 | who is your favorite male character?

Draco Malfoy

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10 | who is your favorite weasley?

Ron Weasley

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11 | who is the female character you hate the most?

Dolores Umbridge

12 | who is the male character you hate the most?

Lucius Malfoy

draco malfoy, harry potter, and lucius malfoy image harry potter, tattoo, and slytherin image

13 | what was the saddest death?

Fred Weasley and Severus Snape

14 | what is your position in quidditch?


15 | what ilvermony house do you belong to?

Horned Serpent

16 | what is your favorite movie?

Harry Potter and The Halfblood Prince

17 | what pet would you take with you to hogwarts?

A black cat

18 | what is your favorite jk rowling quote?

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"

19 | what part made you cry?

alan rickman, hp, and rip image

20 | what part made you laugh?

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