Theodore Finch is one of the main characters in Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places. He is a 17 year old and we, as readers, are led to believe that he has bipolar disorder. He is part of a very dysfunctional family and his violent father, who left when he was younger, now has a new family, which Finch and his two siblings are forced to visit every Sunday. Though Finch tries to prevent himself from having suicidal thoughts, he often thinks about ways to kill himself.

When Finch and Violet meet on the ledge of the school bell tower and are paired together on a school project, where they explore the wonders of Indiana, they form a friendship which later develops into a relationship.

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After reading the book I decided to write a poem from Finch’s point of view as he is such a fascinating character. Though this poem may not make sense to those of you that have not read the book, I hope you enjoy it anyway!

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➳ T he truth is lies I’ve come to believe
➳ H e left without warning, he left without me
➳ E ach day is a struggle I try to endure
➳ O nce or twice I black out, I long for a cure
➳ D escending into the dark abyss of my mind
➳ O bserving wonders we have yet to find
➳ R eaching new places, your hand in mine
➳ E very place we leave a part of us behind

➳ F or how long I can stay awake, I do not know
➳ I am staying for you and you alone
➳ N ote after note we stick on my wall
➳ C hristening it with words, so very beautiful
➳ H ow will I give her the love she deserves? I warned her, I told her, I gave her my word.

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Thank you for reading.

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