Hello there, it´s me again!

I want to tell you things I want to do in my life is a really long list, so I´m gonna to put the "important" things.

If you want to read the whole list I´m gonna to do a collection with photos.

Here I go.

  • Spend days in London
  • Get my driver license.
  • Spend days in Canada
  • Visiting Disney world
comida, disney, and disney world image
  • Playing Poker in Las Vegas.
  • Going on a world tour.
  • Throw my own huge party
  • Swimming with dolphins
love, couple, and summer image
  • Taking a shower under a waterfall
  • Make my parent proud.
  • Spend a day at spa
  • Visit Egypt
egypt and travel image
  • Have all my favorite movies and tv shows on DVD

That´s all for this list, I hope you enjoyed it.

Love you all.
Be happy.

xoxo C