Hey hey hey guys!
How are you? I hope you're fine.

Today I'll give you some tips to stay organized.

1) Buy an agenda or create one.
This is a very important thing because you can stay organized easily.
Also, if you don't want to expend money in an agenda, you can create one with one notebook (In my case, I have an agenda and I have a bullet journal).
I let you some pictures of agendas and bullet journals:

b, diary, and bullet image bullet, planner, and journalling image creative, creativity, and inspiration image bullet, journal, and papelaria image

2) Make a timetable
Maybe you think it's a "silly" thing to do, but it's so helpfull. I've been doing that for one year and I really noticed my improve in a lot of subjects at school.
You needn't do all the things exactly as the timetable are, but it could be use as a guide.

notebook, pastel, and school image

3) Organize the week on Sundays at night.
On Sundays, when I'm almost going to sleep, I take my agenda and my bullet journal and I write all the things that I have to do this week. Moreover, I see when I can "relax". Believe me, it's so helpful.

bullet, diary, and journal image

And that's all. I hope you enjoy it!!

Love and kisses :D.

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