It's been a hectic year. The year where I had gone through hell with different people with the same purpose I suppose. And it's all because of Love. That word,feeling it disgusts me. I'm blaming love? Yes indeed. I'm sorry, but because of it. I have been used and abandoned. Love blinded me. A quote by the unknown,

I felt like I was an old pair of worn shoes.
Only to be abandoned for NEW pair of shoes.

Sad isn't it?

I took too much and it took me for granted. So here I am in this empty space. Ever since then I left silently to a path of self discovery. Only, to dismiss the feeling of love. Which led me to only to LOVE myself. But as far as I noticed, I haven't yet to love myself. I wonder how the others do it? I began to develop hatred and anger so much, until it consumed me. I slightly changed. I hurt people when I don't mean to. But I couldn't care. I lost the feelings to care and love. I'm being defensive so much when I'm touched, they only get burn. I'm that stubborn and afraid of letting people in again. Don't we all?


Because it's all so familiar.

Heck, I dont know if there's someone out there who actually wants me for me, wants to be friends with me. Well friends is acceptable honestly but I guess you have limits. Who am I kidding right?

I guess it's real then. The fact that people can push you off the edge and damage you to hurt yourself until you become a total different person. I am lost, I don't plan on seeking any assistance because they will slow me down and abuse me (mentally). I guess things just have to be done by your own. For that, I guess it's what you call self discovery. You don't need no one but yourself. I have yet much to learn. However, I'm still lost in the mist. But more importantly,

I lost myself.

- Lost.