So... this is my first article here and I thought it would be good to start with this challenge. I have seen so much fo this kind, describing yourself in pictures and I just knew I had to try it.
So here it is.

Actual style

adidas, leggings, and tights image etsy, shirt, and softball image air, air max, and black and white image 21, balloons, and beauty image bracelet and peace image
This is basically how I look every day, sport tights, simple shirts, sport shoes, long black hair and bracelets. I LOVE BRACELETS.

"Wished" style

aesthetic, alternative, and black image girls, style, and fashion image clothes, fashion, and white image adidas, chic, and oversized coat image hair, girl, and purple image
Yeah... I know, if this is how I really want to look, why I just don't dress like it? The thing is, first with the hair, although I'm "old" and I should be able to make my own decisions my parents would literally kill me if someday I appear in my house like that so... no I still want to live, I'm waiting til' older to dye my hair. With the clothes... 4/5 days a week I have sports after school and I can't just go in the class like that, my trainers would send me back home, so I dress all day to do sports because I'm too lazy to go back home and change for my class.


colors, purple, and neon image heart, glitter, and purple image purple, stars, and violet image beautiful, flower, and full image
Purple, Of course.


animal and cute image milk, cute, and hedgehog image animals, aww, and hedgehog image animal, drink, and funny image
Aren't they the cutest thing?!!!!

Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, art, and zodiac signs image zodiac, Sagittarius, and drawing image wallpaper, Sagittarius, and zodiac image horoscope image
A proud Sagittarius.

My element

water, gif, and magic image water, fantasy, and magic image girl, summer, and sea image water and element image
Water. I just love it.


quotes, good, and aesthetic image harry potter, ravenclaw, and hogwarts image feelings, never, and quotes image font, myers, and mbti image dreamer, Dream, and wallpaper image Mature image believe, fairytales, and love image aesthetic, aesthetics, and bookworm image angel, Devil, and quotes image disney, princess, and cup image Mature image quotes image
This is basically my persoanlity.


Cookies, food, and chocolate image strawberry, chocolate, and food image
I LOVE chocolate chips cookies and strawberries covered in chocolate.

My characters

Image by emily ♡ mulan, disney, and princess image gif, the flash, and tom cavanagh image descendants and mitchell hope image divergent, Shailene Woodley, and tris image
Belle. Mulan. H.R (The Flash season 3). Ben and Tris Prior.


books, divergent, and insurgent image descendants image Abusive image book image amazing, beautiful, and books image book and passenger image
I highly recommend this books, I really love them and I think everyone should read them.

Heyyy! I just finish my first article, YAY!
I would really appreciate if you tell me if we have something in common.