Hellooooo! Everyone, I must confess I wrote about 1 article/ poem in WHI and it was a fiasco... so its more likely for this one to end up being the same!! 0 F's Given!
Hope you enjoy!

1. I am in love with love...

  • So... Yeah I man that type of person, who enjoy every moment, who laughs at least 50 times a day, and will be justifying the reasons why LOVE ( not being in a relationship) is the most important value in life.
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And eventually... My soul and yours will meet

2. I love love love summer :)

  • Summer is the perfect formula to be happy. Tan lines, salt in the air, and bikini, please... Summer gives you the chance to reinvent YOURSELF (in mid-year) What a wonderful thing?? Season baby, please come...
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And I still dance... to the colors of the world.

3. Fashion Lover

  • I must confess... I WOULD BE A BIG CAOS... I did NOT have any orientation...idk IT JUST COMES... I guess. HAHAHHAHAH well, I obs needed help ( WHI) BUT my true and sincere advice: If you're not comfortable with what you are wearing don't use it... Second opinions will help until you guide yourself...
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4. I adore sunsets

  • Sunset is the only thing that would make your day a happy day if you had a bad day. It's art from GOD...
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5. Creativity

  • We must thank this wonderful universe for something, art, poems, photos, sports, everything is worth giving
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Hope you ACTUALLY read it and like it! With all my love to the world!