If you love R&B music this article is for you. I really hope you listen her, she's so amazing.♡

1. Confidently Lost

''Made up of hope and meditation
Love, imagination
Water my creations
Baby it's amazing
All the days I'm facing
Nothing seems to phase me''

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2. Belong to You & Belong To You (feat. 6LACK) [Remix]

'' Take care of me
Talk all day then at night fall in deep
Stimulate me
I want you mental and physically''

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3. Stand Still

''I want trust too
I want us too
I want lust too
I want us too
I want love too
I want this too
I'm wanting you''

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My favorite song♡

4. Unravel Me

''And how my mind is ruptured, wired and I'm tired of it
I know you're trying
But you'll never unravel me''

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5. Tell Me

''Help me understand you love
Tell me everything you want me to know
'Cause I can't fix it 'til I know that it's broke''

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6. Orion's Belt

''Running my fingers through your hair I'm feeling
That your thoughts have left this Earth
Is it worth it? Yes
Is it genuine? Can I love like this?
Let me give you some reasons''

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7. Used To

''This morning I was remembering
About the times when I became more stubborn
And when I decided that I was stronger
Than how you made me feel
Those times were real''

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8. Wanna Know

''I wanna know if you care for me
If you feel my touch as heavenly
I wanna know if you feel this too
If you don't, I can't be in love with you''

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9. Too Much Too Late

''You're a diamond
In the middle of a hundred thousand stones
Constantly reminding me that
I am worth as much as gold''

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10. Cross Your Mind

''Do I ever, do I ever cross your mind?
When you're kissing her
Touching her, staring in her eyes
Tell me, do I ever, do I ever cross your mind''

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¡Hope you like it!