Hey all, since I'm done with the 30 day lyrics challenge I decided to start another one right off the bat! This will be just a random 30 day challenge to keep me actively writing throughout the month, so there's not a specific theme. Just something for fun <3
Day 1 is name 5 places you would like to visit someday.

1.) Colorado Mountains

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Growing up, I have always loved the mountains. I'm from upstate New York, so wilderness and the great outdoors have always been important to me. Colorado seems like one of the most beautiful places to go to on this earth.

2.) Adirondack Mountains

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Being a native New Yorker and adventurist, I've definitely been mountain climbing and camping in the woods. However, I've never been to the hardcore Adirondacks themselves, and it's always been a dream of mine to go. I can't resist wilderness and beautiful, wide open skies. Plus, kayaking up there would be incredible, especially with the sun rising or setting over your head.

3.) California

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I have a friend who lives in Fresno, and since we've known each other (which has been, like, since we've both been born) I've wanted to go visit her there. She's come to NY millions of times, and I've always wanted to save up and fly to Cali. And, of course, San Diego Comic Con is there too, what's not to like?

4.) Down South

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Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Kansas - I love the South, even though I've never been. The look of it is just so comforting to me - the open sky and the wide fields. It's been a dream of mine to go down there and experience the beauty first hand.

5.) Abandoned Places

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So, I know this isn't specifically a place, per say, but in my last article I mentioned that I'm completely obsessed with abandoned and haunted places because I totally am. I love the creep-factor of decrepit buildings, so I am always game to visit more. Everywhere you go there are abandoned places, so out of everything on the list, these are the most accessible right now (the Adirondacks being second, since I'm in NY), but that definitely doesn't make them the least exciting. I love exploring, and being inside old buildings is the ultimate rush.