Life is a wave. Like will be calm, for an hour, a day, a week, a month and even a year. And, sometimes, life will be a huge storm, raging. She will hit you, beat you until you won't even be able to breathe. You will then think "I'm done, this must be the end". But the wave will gently hug you, like a mother would take care of her child.
So you will get back up, and you'll see the ocean. You'll see people drowning, you'll see people trying to ride the wave. You'll wish you could save all of these people, because they're all going to die. You know you can only save one or two people, and you'll think "that's not enough, that will never be enough" but for the people you saved, they'll think "I wouldn't have make it without you".
You'll sat on the sand, you'll think of everything you did till now. You'll see the people who died. You'll see the one who are still trying to do something. And you'll start asking yourself what you're doing. You're not in the ocean. You're just there, looking at it, thinking about death and life. And, maybe, you'll go back in the water and you'll learn how to swim. Of course, of course you won't learn everything in a second. You will drown for a few seconds, then you'll try to ride the wave, and then you'll learn that swimming is fine. It's okay.
Slowly, while moving your arms and your legs, you're going to grab people without even noticing that they were drowning. Slowly, you'll save people the way you succeed to save yourself.
And even if, sometimes, you'll feel exhausted, because you will be, the people you saved will gently help you. Because you're not alone, now.