Hi hearters.

I love gemstones, so here's my suggestion on how they would look like, if they were girls.

This is part 2/2, so check part 1 if you haven't already.


miranda kerr image skinny image fashion, girl, and indie image grace elizabeth image


grace kelly image back, evening, and lace image 90s, beauty, and samantha image vintage and retro image


bohemian, fashion, and boho image Mature image vanessa hudgens, coachella, and hair image boho, bohemian, and hair image


girl, tumblr, and smile image girl, beauty, and tumblr image girl, beauty, and lips image girl, food, and tumblr image


fashion, style, and red image camila cabello and fifth harmony image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, red, and girl image


girl, beauty, and makeup image babe, beauty, and eyes image beauty, girl, and hair image girl, makeup, and beautiful image


meninas, nature, and praia image girl, fashion, and summer image summer, bikini, and girl image girl, beach, and fashion image


freckles, freckless, and ginger image beautiful, Daria, and ginger image margarita+masliakova, lush+cosmetics, and margarita masilkakova image gingers image


Image by evadwirahayu_1 Image by lit icons girl, maggie lindemann, and makeup image fashion, girls, and makeup image


Harajuku, raver, and dedicated image black, blue, and cyber image girl and rave image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


beautiful, girl, and stripper image girl, sexy, and black image girl, money, and swag image money, luxury, and baddie image


train, study, and travel image study, girl, and coffee image book, girl, and library image cat, girl, and art image


Thanks for reading, I hope you feel inspired.

Remember to read part 1 here:

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