1. song with a colour in the title

girl, grunge, and cigarette image book, pink, and neon image
pink+white - Frank Ocean

2. a song with a number in the title

theme, aesthetic, and music image boy, grunge, and pale image
Ode 2 Bae -ARME

3. a song that reminds you of summer

aesthetic, blanket, and boy image yellow, quotes, and beauty image
we used to be friends- the dandy warhols

4. a song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget

dua lipa and idgaf image aesthetic, phone, and vintage image
figures - Jessie Reyes

5. a song that needs to be played out loud

spice girls, girls, and victoria beckham image spice girls image
wannabe- spice girls

6. a song that makes you wanna dance

Mature image concert, Drake, and music image
dancing in the moonlight (trap remix)

7. a song to drive to

drive, golden, and rain image aesthetic, nature, and orange image
golden- Kara Marni

8. a song about drugs or alcohol

drugs, the simpsons, and pills image Mature image
sober- childish gambino

9. a song that makes you happy

black and white, black&white, and makeup image dog, pink, and puppy image
break free- Ariana Grande

10. a song that makes me sad

love, pink, and anime image gif, anime, and aesthetic image
Jealous -Labrinth

11. a song you never get tired of

Twin Peaks image archies, funny, and riverdale image
after the storm -kali uchis

12. a song from your pre teen years

Drake, rihanna, and couple image anti, Drake, and inspiration image
take care -drake

13. a song from the 70's

quotes, life, and words image pink, girl, and flowers image
don'g go breaking my heart- elton john

14. a song you want played at your wedding

1990, indie, and leonardo dicaprio image red, heart, and aesthetic image
eternal flame- bangles

15. a song you like that's a cover by another artist.

beach, gold, and Sunny image zhavia image
location -zhavia

16. a song thats a classic favourite

fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, vintage, and boys image
sweet child o'mine- Guns n' Roses