this ep is everything, listen to it! it's the best ep ever and madison is a talented queen of course <3

  • dead (track #1)
vintage, red, and outfit image red, glitter, and knife image red, lipstick, and aesthetic image rose, red, and aesthetic image
It's nice to know you now, now that it all went down, down on your knees you cry.
  • fools (track #2)
aesthetic, burger, and tumblr image fashion, book, and coffee image anime, grunge, and indie image aesthetic, quotes, and grunge image
don't you know baby? only fools stick around when the love is gone.
  • heartless (track #3)
girl, beauty, and model image couple, love, and goals image light, night, and city image fireworks, dark, and gold image
I never learn so maybe it's my fault, I always love, I love you too hard.
  • tyler durden (track #4)
brad pitt, fight club, and cigarette image girl, photography, and black and white image rose, white, and aesthetic image b&w, black and white, and music image
I took one too many now i got to stay up all night or else I'm done for. I'm in love with Tyler Durdan, that's why this shit ain't ever working for me, I'm in love with a fantasy.
  • home with you (track #5)
girl, train, and travel image bedroom, room, and flowers image pink, quotes, and aesthetic image fox image
have some respect, It's quite insulting I don't wanna wake up with you in the morning, you tell me you're different, excuse me for snoring. You liar
  • teenager in love (track #6)
book, flowers, and yellow image quotes, yellow, and aesthetic image flowers, yellow, and rose image yellow, aesthetic, and couple image
Hearts in my eyes, strawberry skies, beat up corvettes smelling of cigarettes. But time keeps on slipping. You make me feel like a teenager in love
  • say it to my face (track #7)
madison beer, madison, and theme image theme, rp, and dark image fire, theme, and water image Image removed
Tell me, what's the situation? I've been rackin' on my brain, just want some answers if I ask you, but I know you'll never say it to my face

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