beautiful songs that deserve more recognition.
playlist link below (: hopefully songs that you have never heard of before!

1. acid ghost - overthinking

leonardo dicaprio, titanic, and gif image
a soothing tune that helps me from overthinking. this is more of indie pop. other lovely songs from acid ghost: all alone, new york, our rotten love♡

2. hot flash heat wave - gutter girl

jump, summer, and gif image
more of a raspy sound, upbeat and summer feels ♡ grunge feeling to it, very crisp.

3. hunck - little woman

<3, couples, and heart image
extremely good feeling song with different tempos. conveys love♡

4. waston - coming up

foto, photo, and fotografia image
very chill rhythm. insanely tender lyrics. ♡ easily one of my favorite indie / alternative songs!

5. bowl frizell - something seems off

winona ryder, cigarette, and Heathers image
kind of a mac demarco feel to this incredible masterpiece. the vibe is very retro-sounding and i'm in love with it though at first i was not too fond of it. includes perfect guitar riff.♡
songs are in order ^ happy listening!
the playlist is on soundcloud, reason being: some songs are rare
therefore, artists are not on spotify. ):♡