Everyone has to go through it and everyone has similar feelings about going to school...

"You learn all these things, but you never actually need them in everyday life, so why do we have to learn all of that?"

I had a lecture in school today. It was held by a professor of an university and I thought it was going to be really boring, like most lectures are, but I had to experience something that made me think. Think about our school system and why we always complain that it is so bad.

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He, as a professor of an university, said that school should be taught in a very different way. Math and science classes mostly stick to theoratical concepts and prepare you for solving problems that you can't really benefit from. The theoratical part never meets the practical part of actually finding use in our everyday life and this is one of the major issues why many students dislike math or science, because they can't apply it in a practical way.

Classes you do benefit from - in his opinion - were drama, music, art and sports. I did not understand why, but as he explained, it became clear to me. These subjects are not there to teach you how to draw or how to throw a ball. They are there to help you build your personality and form your character.

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Generally, it would be important for students to give them more time and to not put them under pressure of needing to know a certain amount of information in a specific set time. Teachers should teach slower and make sure the students learn effectively. Therefore it is important to concentrate on the important bits before going into way too much detail.

He concluded this lecture by saying, that it is much more important to be genuinely good at a few things than being a bit good at a lot of things.

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This is what really made me think and I can agree with what he said. Especially the last sentence has a very important meaning, because the more you rethink it, the more you seem to understand it. Schools should teach a lot more life skills and concentrate on teaching everyone to be good at them.

Drama, music, art and sports classes are very creative classes and many people feel they are not talented at any of these, so they just give up on them. But if schools gave you the opportunity to go to different art courses, for example drawing or graffiti or photography instead of putting everyone in the same class, where they may have no interest in, it would be easier for students to find their hidden talents and develop a character. The same applys to the other subjects as well.

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Drama class forms you in the best way and gets you out of your comfort zone. You can explore different roles and learn a lot about yourself, which makes it one of the most important subjects.
Throughout your life you have to experience that you can't stay in your comfort zone forever and success doesn't know comfort zones. Therefore drama classes prevent you from a bad awakening.

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Religion class should be voluntary. Therefore subjects like philosophy should be valued even more. Learning about humanity and morality. Talking about death, differents characters, cultures and religions on an objective level. Criticizing and talking about terror and why people feel the need to express themselves in that way. How to deal with mental illness and how to help others in need. We should not just say that we need to help, but actually figure out ways on how it is possible to help.

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... but most importantly

Schools should teach more about politics and what is happening in the world. We have to try to understand the political system we live in and what it means to be able to vote. What does living in a democracy mean and how would it effect your life if you didn't? What is the relationship between your home country and the others, how can you improve it? How is it possible to make a change in a country and how do we evolve our planet?

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Way to many young students are not interested in these things. If I talk to some of my friends they even roll their eyes if I mention politics. I know not everyone is interested in everything, but I feel like our world and our own attitude would be very different if we would be more open to topics like that, because this is what makes our future.
I don't say you have to be a political expert, but we should teach students to show at least some interest in what is happening around them and how it is effecting them and also what they can do about it.

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School and education are important for our progress in life. With technology, evolving media and a complicated system we need education to get better in life and to generate the best circumstances for our world to live in.
Your young teenage years are the years you have to learn and understand the most about life and the world around you. There should be no pressure for you to know everything. But there is the need to teach students effectively, to concentrate on the important things and to give them the opportunity to build an own character, which is able to change the world and make it a better place.

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Thank you for reading, I hope this was helpful or informational in any way. Don't be shy to share your opinion as well!