—C; Cyan:

quotes, light, and explain image aesthetic, alternative, and art image Image by Марина summer, sea, and beach image

—A; Alizarin:

girl and red image lipstick, makeup, and red image drink, red, and aesthetic image red, heart, and aesthetic image

—T; Tyrian purple:

landscape, moon, and purple sky image grunge, aesthetic, and alternative image purple, reality, and quotes image red, aesthetic, and smoke image

—A; Aquamarine:

cupcakes image fandom, Jonghyun, and key image art, draw, and fanart image etsy, victorian fashion, and fashion accessory image

—L; Light slate gray:

night, black and white, and paris image bird, blue, and sky image train, light, and tunnel image quotes, alone, and sad image

—I; Indigo:

aesthetic, blue, and ocean image blue, fabric, and indigo image cobalt blue, druzy jewelry, and druzy pendant image aesthetic, rainbow, and indigo image

—N; Nieve:

girl, dark, and snow image snow, tree, and white image rings, winter, and ring image Image by rulaziadmm

—A; Army green:

dress, girl, and green image theme, rp, and green image aesthetic, eyeliner, and eyes image theme, unfiltered, and rp image

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