Hello! I would like to talk about french clichée! Are they true or false? Sorry for my english (i'm french)! I hope this enjoy this atricle and will remove any idea received from the French! hahaha

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1. French are lazy- I do not know if it's me but I'm very lazy, and so many people too so I would say TRUTH
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2. French put berets and wear navy t-shirt I have never seen anyone with a baret and with a navy t-shirt only tourist so FALSE
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3. French eat baguette,croissant et pains au chocolat- I say yes yes and yes!Is it so good! So TRUTH
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4.We eat cheese,vin and frog leg- yes we love cheese but not more than other countries,we love vin but mostly at the south west, and for the frog leg i never eat that and we don't eat that all the day it's rare not TRUTH but not FALSE
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5. We listen Edith Piaf? Maybe in the old time now we have new song like everywhere!
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PARIS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! You have to visit them one time in your life!