Hi guys, yesterday I made an article that talked about me, today I make an article in which I talk about what I like, I hope you like it. Good read.

Here below I show you the previous article:

I love animals, especially cats, i loved them since i was a child, i am very attached to them, i have a black cat called Fanny, i love it.

adorable, black, and cat image cat, cute, and animal image cat, rain, and autumn image cat, autumn, and fall image

The season I love the most is autumn because I love its colors, its scent, the sound of rain falling on the earth, and its flowers.

autumn, fall, and road image autumn, fall, and leaves image autumn, beautiful, and fall image flowers, orange, and yellow image

I love Italian cuisine, my favorite foods are: pasta, pizza, zippulas and tiramisù.

food, italy, and pasta image fair, food, and good image italy, Sardinia, and italian food image dessert, sweet, and cake image

I love watching movies. My favorites are: the hunger games, harry potter, the maze runner and divergent.

harry potter, percy jackson, and divergent image

I hope it inspired you.

This is all for the article!
Thank you so much for the readings! give it a heart :)

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