1) Put your phone on airplane mode

Put your phone on airplane mode, it will help you to do more productive things than go on social medias.

2) Write

It probably sounds weird but personally I love writing articles or stories and it helps me to clear my mind. Write everything you want to, it could be a poem or a story or something totally different.

3) Read a book

I love reading because it's like your dreaming with your eyes open and your living an another life with other people. I love the connection you can have with the characters.

4) Study

I know when you think about studying your probably like "It's the worst thing ever" and I'm not gonna lie but I'm not always happy to study but think like that: The sooner I study, sooner I can do whatever I want so don't procrastinate.

5) Tidy up your room

You always feel better when something is clean or tidy. Tidy up your room or do the Housework, you will always feel better after that.

6) Help someone

Do something to help someone like cook for your family or do the washing up for the person who is supposed to do it or something like that because the person will be very happy and you will be happy because you made someone happy if you know what I mean.

That's all so I hope it helped you, I love you.