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Bursters is a four member rock band from Evermore Music who debuted in 2015 as Burstered. As Bustered they would pronounce their name as Buster Red/Buster Lead, but never explained where the extra r came from. They changed their name to Bursters before the release of Whenever You Are saying they wanted to get rid of the image of a marine band that some people had of them.


Daegeon: vocal

Gyejin: guitar, synth and programming. Nickname: Hangman

Junyoung: leader and guitar. Nickname: Bullet shipment

Hwanhee: bass

(Nicknames are based on the translation from Google Translate, so they could very well be wrong)

Former member:

Sangyoon: drums. He left the band on November 27th due to his militairy service and school

In 2013 they won the Dongducheon Rock Festival Grand Prize.
In 2014 they participated in Super K6 and landed in the top six.