this is the first task of the 30 days writing challenge I'm taking part in. If you want to know what I'm doing exactly, check my previous article out

Surrounding myself with positivity and noticing the small things of life that are worth being grateful for is something I am working and getting better at. Here is my list of ten things that make me happy:

1: Music with a meaning

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Oliver Sykes, Leadsinger of one of my favourite bands Bring Me The Horizon

There is nothing like listening to lyrics that speak for you, especially when you yourself can't express it properly. As trivial as it sounds, listening to a few songs that speak to me everyday just helps me to stay positive and full of energy.
I feel like a lot of today's singers/bands don't put enough effort into lyrics anymore. It's all about a repetitive beat and really obscene lyrics without any meaning.

2: Aesthetic

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Especially grunge clothes and artsy pictures make me feel so satisfied

I don't know what it is about a clean, slightly dark or completely light aesthetic that makes me so incredibly happy (One of the reasons why WHI is my favourite apps at the moment).

3: Overcoming my fears/insecurities

Image by Jinxthedreamer
Overcoming fears is important on the road to recovery

I'm an incredibly insecure person, especially in social situations. I haven't been diagnosed with "social anxiety" or any similar mental illnesses, my shyness, however, is not normal. Phone calls, simple conversations (even small talk) with strangers, emails, etc. make me incredibly anxious. Whenever I write an important email, make a call or have an important conversation with a teacher or whatever, I'm quite proud of myself.

4: Journaling

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Satisfying and inspiring

I spend hours browsing through WHI, tumblr, instagram and pinterest, searching for inspiration for my journal. It's incredibly satisfying and inspiring to work on something so aesthetically pleasing and tracking down the improvement you make. I'd recommend it to anyone, especially if you feel like you're stuck and mentally drained.

5: Gap Year

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Freedom, independence and travel

I'm taking a Gap Year next year. Basically, after finishing school, I will be travelling and working for a whole year, completely free and independent, before entering university to study psychology. It motivates me so much!

6: Drawing

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I'm trying to get better at it by drawing everyday

Art is something that is beautiful to see and satisfying to make. Drawing has been in my life ever since I was a child, however, I've only recently started to take it more seriously and to have actual sketchbooks. I'm still trying to improve and during my Gap Year I absolutely want to take an art course.

7: Poetry

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Reading or writing poetry is truly beautiful. Especially when the poem works with hidden meanings and symbols, there is nothing that makes me more happy than reading poems before going to bed.

8: Late Night talks

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With friends or others

There's something about the night, when you lay in bed, talking to someone, that makes talking to them even more special than during the day. Maybe it's knowing that you have nothing else to worry about until tomorrow, or that you're too tired to truly hide all your secrets. I utterly adore late night talks, it doesn't matter if it's over the phone, at a party or at a sleep over.

9: Walks in the darkness

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in the country or in the city

Looking at the sky makes me feel so small and somehow everything seems more beautiful when you can't actually see it, but have to guess what the silhouettes actually are. The lights shine brighter, the moon is bigger when you're outside and the air is fresh and pure. There's nothing better.

10: Animals

cat, cute, and love image Image by ucya7 animal, cute, and sloth image Image by Elisa.Niyaha~WaywardSister animals and Platypus image bird, animal, and rainbow image
All kinds of animals

There's something about them that truly fascinates me. A different role and perspective of the world we live in, true beauty and - let's face it - they're adorable. With fur or without: I love them.
I have a cat and a turtle, my favourite animals are the shark, the sloth and the platypus . So much beauty in our world!

I hope this list of "ten things that make me happy" could help you find what's right in this world, since so much focus is being put in what's wrong. I would recommend everyone to make a list like this, since it puts you in such a great mood!

- Eli