"Her immediate reaction is to hurt herself, but this time she refused to give into that monster in her head."

"I'll do anything in my power to keep him smiling."

"I've fallen for you and i refuse to get back up."

"I am not a leader nor a follower, but someone that just stands out. Someone that looks different with appearance and personality."

"...i just don't like the feeling of being used..."

"You are my 3 AM thoughts."

"I tried so damn hard to hate you, but i can't be someone I'm not and lie to myself. I hurt you just as much as you hurt me. I know we are unhealthy for each other. My feelings are i still there...I can't be your friend. I know that probably sounds pathetic and lame but; I'm sorry..."

"The worst feeling ever is when your mum is hurting and all you can do is sit, listen, and watch her get stabbed over and over and over again."

"...you can feel your whole body slowly giving out..."

"You might even want to kill yourself for no reason."

"Just before they start talking he tells you he still loves you, but you reject him because you want to move forward. 1 week later he's dating your best friend."

"That's what happens when your heart has been broken multiple times by the same person."

"Because when you love someone you try so hard to please them and keep them happy so they can stay in your life and make you happy."

"I've always cared too much, loved too much, and trusted too much. I'm tired of getting hurt.

"nothing is falling apart everything is falling into place."

"some days are just poop."

"not again will i fall for your scheme."