Now I've seen this on We Heart It, and I thought it was pretty cool, so I wanna give this thing a try.

T - Tangerine

orange, green, and tangerine image orange, green, and theme image green, orange, and tangerine image orange, converse, and aesthetic image

R - Red

flowers, rose, and red image red, neon, and aesthetic image red, Elle Fanning, and aesthetic image quotes, aesthetic, and red image

A - Aquamarine

blue, grunge, and dark image aesthetic, blue, and tumblr image tired, black and white, and quotes image blue, neon, and light image

S - Silver

Image by rukasueva1427 eyes, girly, and glitter image glitter, hand, and silver image aesthetic, style, and glitter image

H - Hot Pink

aesthetic, drink, and vintage image pink, grunge, and pale image beach, sunset, and pink image lights, girl, and photography image

Hello nice to meet you, my names Trash :)

  • Here was my inspiration