Hello !
Voici une selection des sneakers du moment.
Tout d'abord chez nike :
- Les air max 97 (180€)

nike, red, and shoes image girl, nike, and shoes image air max, girls, and fashion image air max, girls, and nike image

- Les Vapormax & Vapormax Plus (210€)

nike, shoes, and sneakers image black, fashion, and shoes image
nike, shoes, and black image
Vapormax Plus


Alexander Mcqueen Basket Oversize (395€)

shoes, Alexander McQueen, and beautiful image Alexander McQueen, heels, and fashion image Givenchy, shoes, and Alexander McQueen image sneakers and shoes image


Adidas NMD R1 (180€)

adidas, shoes, and grey image adidas, shoes, and black image
shoes, adidas, and fashion image shoes, adidas, and sneakers image


Gucci Basket Brodées (495€)

baskets, chic, and fashion image gucci, fashion, and shoes image gucci and sneakers image gucci, shoes, and flowers image


Louis vuitton Run Away (620€)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Louis Vuitton image

Louis Vuitton Frontrow (590€)

shoes, Louis Vuitton, and LV image christian louboutin, shoes sneakers, and fashion style image


Balenciaga Trainers Speed (595€)

Balenciaga, shoes, and black image Balenciaga, basket, and black image