Hey guys! I was stuck at home all day today, so I ended up being pretty bored. I decided that I might as well write an article on what to do when you're bored, so I could remind myself and all of you that you can turn your boredom into doing something fun/productive!

1. Do your chores (if you don't have chores, clean something! Help around the house!
2. Do your homework, cause why not? You have nothing else to do, right?
3. Re-decorate your room.
4. Go for a walk. (If it's too cold outside, exercise inside.)
5. Discover new music.
6. Make a bucket list.
7. Take pictures and post them on WeHeartIt, Instagram, etc.
8. Read a book.
9. Have a spa day for yourself. Make some DIY face masks, do your nails, take a bubble bath, etc. Relax!
10. Clean out your closet.
11. Do your makeup. Look up makeup tutorials and experiment!
12. Do yoga.
13. Organize your phone. Delete photos you don't want, apps, etc.
14. Bake cookies.
15. Create a Spotify playlist.
16. Learn a new language.
17. Learn to do nail art.
18. Go online shopping or make a wishlist of things you'd like to buy.
19. Look up DIYs and make something.
20. Do a prank on someone.
21. Learn curse words in different languages and use them.
22. Create a mood board.
23. Write a letter to your future self, put it in an envelope, and read it in ten years from now.
24. Start a bullet journal.
25. Plan a road trip or a vacation you'd like to go on.
26. Dance.
27. Find a new show on Netflix to watch, or finish the show(s) you are currently watching.
28. Add movies on Netflix to your list. Next time when you are looking for movies to watch, you'll already have some picked out!
29. Try on clothes you haven't worn in awhile.
30. Write your own article on WeHeartIt!

Hope these were helpful!