Hello there, it´s me again, C.
I want you to know me a little better so I´m gonna tell you my morning routine in Summer.
I´m gonna be 100% honest with you, so here I go.

1. Wake up at 7:20

I wake up at 7:20 but snooze the alarm 10 minutes more, so I have that alarm just to have the pleasure to sleep 10 more minutes.

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2. Get up at 7:30 and wash my face.

After sleeping 10 minutes more I get up and go to the bathroom, tied up my hair and wash my face, I stare at the mirror and see everything about me that day, my eyes, my smile, my nose, if I have or not acne, and then wash my face.

face, girl, and sink image

3. Drink water and breakfast at 7:40

I usually make me a cafe and a slice of cake of banana (It's delicious) and a glass of water.

coffee, book, and drink image water, pink, and drink image

4. Workout - 8:00

I have my routine for morning and another for the night.
I workout every day, it´s important for me.

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5. Get dressed. 8:20

I chose what I´m gonna wear in the morning. First I check the weather and then I choose what I´m gonna wear.

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6. Sunscreen and makeup - 8:40

I don´t usually wear makeup, so I go and brush my teeth after that I put some creams and chapstick.

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7. Start my day. - 9:00 I look myself in the mirror and smile at my reflection. I say something pretty to myself and start my day.

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That´s all for today, my lovers.
Love you all.

xoxo C.