so ya girl's skin is pretty clear so y not drop my skincare routine for y'all, also know that i don't use all these products in one time.
most of these products are really affordable.
not spon

fav essential waters, toners, facial sprays

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the l'occitane essential water is so good, i highly reccomend, it helped my skin with irritating spots a lot.



many people who have oily skin just assume they don't need to moisturize their skin, but moisturizing is very important, i can't stress this enough.

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this moisturizer is better for people with dry skin, as it is very thick consistency.
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and this moisturizer is great for people with oily skin, because it is more water based.

face masks

my fav face mask for removing blackheads, is the 7th heaven black seaweed peel off one.

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a sheet mask that i love is from the brand ,,mitomo'' it blurs and moisturizes your skin.

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that's all for now!