I recommend to do these steps after the shower, because then your feet will be softer.


Push back your cuticles. At first it won't look good, but do the other steps and you'll see a results, DO NOT cut it!

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Cut your nails

I like to do a square shape.

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You can buy an exfoliator or you can make one by yourself. You'll need:

  • oil
  • ground coffe
  • brown sugar

Mix these together and scrub your feet. It'll remove death skin cells.

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I do it overnight. You'll need:

  • plastic wrap
  • oil ( I use coconut and olive oil)

Apply oils on your feet and wrap into a plastic bag. Leave it on for more that 30 minutes, like I've said, I leave it overnight, the results are better then. Your feet will be so soft in the morning.

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Before painting your nails soak a cotton pad in nail polish removal or acid. It'll make nail polish to stay longer.
If you have small nails, and want them to look bigger paint it light colour, like white, baby pink, baby blue, ect. If you have big nail and want it to look smaller paint it dark colour, like black, olive green, dark blue, burgundy, purple, ect.

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I don't know how about you but anklets are so cute for me.

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That's it! Thank you for reading <3

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