We are in the middle of winter, and if where you are the climate is not always like here in California, you might just start to feel that its winter.
So, I am going to tell you, what my most have fashion essential for this season are.


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they are simple and classic, is the touch that can your outfit look amazing, without being trying

Leather jackets

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they give you an edgy look and are perfect for a casual look

bomber jackets

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like a leather jacket, they are s good option to make your outfit stand out

ankle boot

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are a perfect piece to create a look without getting cold feet


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with these ones the thicker the better, a blanket feels its the best for this season


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we all have those days where you want to be comfortable, you can find a good jumper in any store.


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keep it simple. Remember that some pieces can give you a romantic touch, that its perfect for this season


Milka Real