Hello everyone, this article is about studying and my tips and tricks for you. As i am in my first year of college i’m also still learning, some of these tips i skip sometimes because their not really my style but i’ll give them anyway.

➵ Organize your desk

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i know this probably goes without saying but i do think it’s an important step. I find that if there is a lot on my desk it distracts me. Make sure your desk is neat and only the things you need to study are on your desk.

➵ Plan your time well

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This is a step i’m not very good at, i don’t usually follow a studyschedule. But i do use a assignment tracker and i find this so very helpful. But if you think a studyschedule is something for you than you should buy a planner (don’t worry if you don’t always follow your schedule). But the assignment tracker, it’s basicly a sheet of paper where you write all your assignments you need to do with the due date etc. I know what you’re thinking right now: “this would give me stress to see all the assignments at once.” I thought so too, but when you list them down you have a pretty good view of how much you need to do, how much time you have to do it and how to do it (write little steps down). {http://saralaughed.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Sara-Laughed-Assignment-Planner-Printable.pdf} &

Like i said i don’t have a planner but i do use a monthly calendar (a printable) where i write important stuff down in keywords like 14h movies, so that means that on that day i need to be at the movietheater at 2. {https://www.calendar-12.com/printable_calendar/2018}

➵ The right supplies

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This may sound weird but the right supplies can help you! Find a pen that works for you (no not all pens are the same). This one is esspecially for left handed people like myself, the right pen can make a difference. Same applies for the right notebook. Also post-its are a must if you ask me, and flag sticky notes. I also use bigger post-its with lines to write more down ( a bit of a scheme of the page). Also highlighters are a must, use a colorcode and highlight the important stuff such as key words, data, etc

➵ Neat notes

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Neat notes are a must, as a student i know it’s hard to keep them neat while the teacher/professor is speaking so here are some tips. But i mostly put my notes in a word docu on my computer when i’m home or in the weekend so they’re even more neat and more structured. Use shortcuts and don’t tipp-ex your mistakes, no time for that. Try to work on writing faster if you must, but a tip; don’t write down what’s on the PowerPoint presentation, you can add it in later if you are planning on rewriting your notes. If you don’t want to rewrite your notes you can link them to the PowerPoint with color or a symbol.

➵ Find your style of studying
Visual learner
You learn by seeing. So reading your notes etc repeatedly will help you the most. Or use mindmaps with keyword or even drawings.

Auditory learner
You learn best by hearing, so my best tip for you is to record yourself reading your notes etc so you can listen to them as much as you want at anytime.

Kinesthetic learner
You learn best by doing, a tip i can give you what might help you is teaching a friend. That way you need to understand the material and by teaching people over and over you’ll remember it better yourself.

Imperfection xx