hi, so this article is about one of my favorite shows ,,glee'' and i'm just gonna talk about all the important issues discussed in that show. enjoy :)

spoilers below



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the show has a lot of subject about the lgbtq community, there is Kurt who went through hell in school because of his sexuality, Karofsky who caused Kurt that hell, Karofsky also later revealed to being gay, and Karofskys storyline really showed how much people in the lgbtq community struggle, when people in his school found out he tried to commit suicide, thank god it ended happily. then there is Santana who struggled with tecoming out to her abuela who later kicked her out. Another character that I want to talk about is Unique, she was the first trans person introduced in the show and dealt with bullying and unacceptance.

teen pregnancy

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the show had a huge storyline with Quinn and her teen pregnancy, it showed the whole journey of her pregnancy. The way she revealed to her parents, was a very emotional experience that resulted in her parents kicking her out. She also had to lie to her boyfriend that the baby is his. It was honestly a mess, but at least it ended well.

body image

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in this show many characters struggle with body image, Mercedes was pressured into losing weight, that she ended up fainting and going to the hospital. Then the show discussed how even guys struggle with body image with Finns storyline, who was too ashamed of his body to go on stage. Then in season 4 we were introduced with Marley, who also struggled with body image, she would make herself throw up, which resulted in her passing out in the middle of a important performance.


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the show had a whole episode dedicated to overcoming your insecurities that ended with an incredible performance. Sam struggled with having a big mouth, Rachel with having a big nose, which made her almost get plastic surgery, Tina didn't like her brown eyes. Every character had something they didn't like about themselves and the show had a great episode to show it.


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the show did a good job with portraying a character with OCD, they didn't just show Emma organizing her pencils, they showed a struggling woman who had a real disorder. This show taught me the real difference with being a perfectionist and having OCD. Her disorder also didn't appear in one episode and suddenly dissapeared in the next, this show showed how she had help overcoming her disorder, how she fell back in and how much it impacted her everyday life with living with OCD.

hope you liked this article, there are way more important issues discussed in the show so i could make a part II to this. Thanks for reading! :)