Hi, I´m a cinephile and I´m always watching series and movies on my laptop. These are some of my favourite series I would do another article with my favourite movies and directors:

breaking bad, jesse pinkman, and walter white image
Breaking bad has always been my favourite.
skin, cassie, and sid image
Skins was my 15´s serie and has marked my puberty and in conclusion my life as a teen.
orange is the new black, oitnb, and drugs image
Orange is the new black is a great serie that demonstrate that we all are not too different. As a woman this is a really cool serie that shows the empowerment of women.
Image by Mariane Santos
Game of thrones is a complete topic, everybody or the most of people have seen it. If you haven´t seen it, what are you waiting for?
stranger things, netflix, and eleven image
Stranger things was a delicious discoverment. I love the childish air they have given to the show to treat adults problems.
Mature image
La casa de papel , well this is a spanish serie that is on netflix international so you can watch it. Everything is great here, the cast, the plot, the location, the end... It is one of the best series i have ever seen, you should give it an a opportunity.
shameless, frank gallagher, and fiona gallagher image
Shameless is a really famous serie so maybe you know it, but if not it is a good option.
boyd holbrook, narcos, and pedro pascal image
Narcos , I like the way the story is told and the cast is pretty cool.
black mirror image
Black mirror is not made for sensitive people, some chapters are very hard, but in general is a serie you should watch it. It critizes our way of living, the excess of technology.
vikings image
Vikings ; if you like wars and an intensive serie this is your show.