This is a playlist you can listen to if you are going to bed, chilling with a cup of tea, going on a long drive or just need a break from a stressful day.

bed, girl, and flower image Image removed clouds, landscape, and nature image aesthetic, bed, and socks image
  • Someone to stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  • You're the best // Wet
  • Six feet under // Billie Eilish
  • Wildwind // Young Dreams
  • January Thaw // Savoy
aesthetic, black and white, and breathe image aesthetic, bed, and alternative image blanket, soft, and tan image coffee and book image
  • Together we are weak // Shirin
  • Midnight // Coldplay
  • Sick of losing soulmates // dodie
  • In the middle // dodie
  • Somebody else // The 1975
feet, aesthetic, and indie image bed image girl, city, and indie image tea image
  • Orion's Belt // Sabrina Claudio
  • hostage // Billie Eilish
  • Place we were made // Maisie Peters
  • Bones // Dustin Tebbutt
  • Fire-scene - Alt. Version // S. Carey
yellow, aesthetic, and socks image aesthetic, bambi, and beautiful image light, sun, and vintage image fashion, outfit, and shadows image
  • Wolves // Sofia Karlberg
  • What's good // Fenne Lily
  • Call if you need me // Vance Joy
  • Youth // Daughter
  • Would you be so kind // dodie

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