Online studies are becoming more popular than ever, and there is no reason to question why. Technology, time and efficiency plays a huge part in today’s society, and these online classes will bring you right to it. Here’s why!

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1. Technology.
- You can literally be anywhere in the world and still be in a classroom. The teachers will post their presentations or stream their classes. Tasks, information, Q&A forum and everything else needed will be published on their page, therefore you are able to attend school by just a few clicks. It’s never been easier.

2. Cheaper.
- It’s obviously going to be cheaper. You won’t have to move, no extra fees, not a must to buy books, and of course they will charge less for something shared online than physically handing it to you.

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3. Time.
- The fact that you can do this anywhere at any time certainly solves a lot of problems. We want to travel, we’re busy, we’re lazy and we want to be everywhere all at once. Now you can! Being able to study in your own pace while doing everything you want to do, makes it all more convenient. You can study as fast/slow as you want because there are no deadlines, and you can take your exams whenever you want.

4. Efficiency.
- Having a fulltime job, travel and attend school at the same time sounds pretty efficient to me. You are in control of you own schedule, and you are able to finish your classes faster/slower than a regular semester, depending on how much you want to study. You can now complete more at once. And yes, you can attend school in bed too.

5. Self-improvement.
- You will increase your patience, focus, coordination, planning skills and of course discipline!

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Study online is definitely harder than a regular school, and you have to stay determined in order to complete it. No teacher will tell you what to do ten times a day and check upon your homework, you have to do that yourself. You will communicate through chat/email and the teachers aren’t as presence and available as they normally would. You are your own teacher.

Personally, I was able to travel, live in another country, work and still finish my last year in school by study online. I experienced and accomplished so much more in a short period of time than I would normally have. There is no reason to ever doubt studying online.