i'm writing this
with you on my mind
don't ask me why and how
all I know and feel right now is
that it feels nice to talk to someone
who knows a lot of things
about my country
and you're a foreigner
so that's even better

I'm not asking us to meet,
because just a single or a little conversation
a day is enough for me
I don't expect us to talk everyday,
I just want to dedicate this writing for you
because you got some respect from me

I've only known you for 3 days
but seriously,
it feels so nice to talk to you
We don't even flirt,
we just talk
and it feels so nice

so thank you.

[p.s: we stopped talking but that doesn't change how I feel about him, that kind of feeling when you're just happy to talk to someone. It really felt nice when we were talking. I wrote this on my journal at February 5th. 2018 and just got a chance to write it in here.]