Hello Dreamers! Today I thought I might do a Foods related article. I feel like a lot of people love food, so here it is; My Favourite Foods...

1. Fries

burger burger delicious burger

2. Watermelon

Aloha beach food beach

3. Sushi

food food delicious delicious

4. Apples

apple apple apple apple
(Please don't judge 🤣)

5. Pancakes

breakfast crepes banana chocolate

6. Strawberries

drink food delicious chocolate

7. Pizza

cheese cheese food cheese

8. Raspberries

Superthumb berries berries delicious

9. Brownie

brownie brownie brownies brownie

10. Iced Chocolate

chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate

11. Chimney Cakes

chocolate food Superthumb food

12. Pineapples

food food beach beach

13. Doughnuts / Donuts

delicious chocolate chocolate chocolate

14. Crepes

chocolate chocolate banana crepes
(No, they are not pancakes)

15. Ice Cream

chocolate chocolate flowers animal

That finishes off my list, hope you guys enjoyed! Here is my article and food collection if you want to check it out!

Amearli xoxo