I'm thinking of making it a series, with sub-unit and groups that need recognition, also a part. 2 of that, but i'm going to do it all if that article get a good feedback, so, if you have an interest in the things i said, be sure to left a like on that one.
So, a little explanation of what it is, i'm not going to talk about artists that have low views on youtube, i'm going to put these idols that i think the recognition that they have it's unfair when compared to their talents, plus, i'll let my favorite song of them for you to listen.
So, let's meet our talented soloists:

❖ Henry

❖ Yuseol

❖ Lee Kikwang

❖ Jeon Soyeon

❖ Gain

❖ Ha:tfelt

❖ Kim Sungkyu

❖ Boa

❖ Subin

❖ Song Jieun

❖ Jo Kwon

❖ Jiyeon

❖ Puer Kim

❖ Minah

❖ Miso

Hope you liked of that, i already have other 15 soloists ready to the next article, i really wish that one gets a good feedback.
If you have any suggestions feel free to message me