Hey, so for my first article I would like to give some facts about me.

  • I was born on March 5th 2001. I'll be 17 in two weeks !
  • I am French (from my dad) , I live near Lyon in France.
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  • I am Turkish (from my mom), from Antalya, a beautiful region in the South of Turkey. I spend every summer there with my family.
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  • I speak fluent French and I can manage in English and Turkish. I speak just a little Spanish.
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  • My favorite colors are Blue and Black.
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  • My passions are: Art, Travel, Fashion/Luxury, Music, Books and Astrology.
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  • My favorite places are European cities and paradise islands.
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  • My favorite season is Summer.
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  • 90% of my musics are from Lana del Rey and The Neighbourhood.
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  • My favorite celebrity (and girlfriend goal ! ) is Kylie Jenner.
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  • My favorite drink is tea and my favorite food is sushi.
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  • My favorite books are : Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Vampire Academy, Divergent and Hunger Games.
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  • I am a Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Rising. ♒♓♐ and 🔱, 🌙, ♀️ dominants.
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For those who don't know, those are astrological stuff, you should get into it if you like things about personality(Tumblr is a great place for this if you're interested).
  • About my personality: Positive: imaginative, optimistic, loyal, chill, flexible, carefree and open-minded. Negative : cold emotionally, distant, secretive, superficial.

Thank you for reading, it was really fun to write this article and it was a different but great way to practice my english. Have a good day 🖤