Hellooo! I decided to do the #ThisIsMe-Challenge today, so you get to know me a bit better. I will describe myself with photos, and I hope you like it!


fashion, outfit, and winter image fashion, style, and outfit image clothes and fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image


crystals, gemstones, and minerals image wallpaper, marble, and background image whithefuture image Image by Ays Beyba


handsome star, british, and celebrity image harry potter and deathly hallows image background, black, and black and white image бэтмен, татуировки, and Эскиз image


shawn mendes, boy, and singer image sam smith image pan, panik, and ff2 image benedict cumberbatch and sherlock image


ballerina, ballet, and dancing image black and white, black, and style image apple, book, and iphone image pink, camera, and nintendo image drawing, art, and draw image art, creamy, and yum image


Image by ALEXIA. bunny, rabbit, and lapin image Image by Itzy adorable, cutie, and beauty image


shawn mendes and shawnmendes image daughter, candle, and band image ed sheeran, tattoo, and singer image singer, walking on cars, and patrick sheehy image


england, flag, and london image alemania, bandera, and deutschland image flag, france, and french image Image removed


pizza, food, and delicious image ice cream, italy, and food image beef, cheese, and cooking image fruit, food, and watermelon image


couple, kiss, and cute image happy and quotes image Image by JJ Fit fashion, paris, and b&w image

That was it for today! Do we have anything in common? It would be super cool if you could text me or something if we have common interest! ✨

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