Hello my friends!
Today I come to tell you about my morning routine.
Thank you for reading


Wake Up

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I usually get up at 6 and then I stay a few minutes with my cell phone or with my dog ​​(Roco♡ )

Take a Shower

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I usually start preparing my shower at 6:10. While in the shower, I brush my teeth, wash my body (sometime a use a body scrub) and m hair, and I shave if I need to.

My Skin Care Routine

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After the shower, I usually wrap myself in my towel and start my facial routine at 6:30. It is SO important to have a good skincare routine. Not only is it good for your skin, but it will help you wake up and feel better. I start with Clean my face with cold water and a citrus cleanser. After that I toning my face and I put serum. Then I hydrate my face with a moisturizer or a day cream and at last I apply a facial oil.

Make Up Time!

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For makeup, I start with primer and then I filling my eyebrows, I put on a concealer, and a compact powder, then a little of bronzer and highlighter. And finally I put mascara and lip gloss.

My Outfit

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At 7 I start to get dressed; At my school we wear a uniform, so I don't have to think about what clothes I will wear. So I start to get dressed and then have breakfast.


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At 7:10 I start to have breakfast (if you want healthy and rich breakfast ideas tell me and I'll make an article about that)

Ready To Go

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At 7:30 a.m. I'm ready to go to school, I take my backpack and my cell phone and leave my house.

Have a great sunday, byebye.
Kisses, Martu♡