Hello World and welcome back to one more article by me!

Before I start writing this article,let's congratulate myself,because this is basically the third article i post in the row and i feel kinda proud.So CONGRATULATIONS to me, CONGRATULATIONS to me haha.

And now,let's get to the topic of this article.Like the title says,i'm going to give you some life advices.This article concludes things i personally learnt from my life so far,so i don't know if all these things I am going to say apply to you,but let's hope for the best!

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Without more information,let's get started!


  • The real friends are always honest with you.They are the ones that remind you of your defects,because they want the best for you.So,if someone is brave enough to tell you both your disadvantages and not just your advantages (in a gentle way of course),then do not misunderstand him/her.This person loves you,so please try to have him/her in your life.
  • Real friends forgive you when you make mistakes! They know you well and they can understand you.All you have to do is really regret your bad act and ask them to forgive you.
  • Do you know how you can understand who your real friends are? Just try to remember who was next to you the difficult moments. Real friends are always next to you when you need them!
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  • Try to hear the advice of your parents.I know that many times you feel that they do not understand you (and sometimes they can not totally understand you) but they really try to protect you! They love you and they want the best for you,so try to get into their position and understand them too.
  • Feel blessed,grateful and proud if you have siblings.I know that sometimes you do not want to have other siblings and you wish they will disappear in a magical way,but believe me,siblings are really important! Can you even imagine your life without your brother(s) or sister(s)?
  • When school is closed or when you generally have more free time, try to spend some hours with your family.You can play table games with your family members, watch movies together,or even travel for a few days together in a beautiful place!
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  • Don't be melodramatic when you have many tests and homework for school.Yes, I know that exams are one of the most stressful processes of your whole school life,but you are NOT alone in this.There are thousands of other people who understand you,so don't be anxious and disappointed before you even start your school exams.
  • This one is more like a warning and not an advice.I'm pretty sure you're going to meet a professor/teacher you do not like at all.Basically that's it.(i don't know why i think that it is very very important haha).
  • Try to be kind with the new child of the class.Honestly,you would not want to be in his/her difficult position,so help him / her join faster and easier in the new school.
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  • Do not be the annoying person who only deals with his cell phone all the time when he is on vacation.Ok,i got it..you want to take beautiful pictures for your instagram account, but do not go beyond the limits. Forget your social media for a few days,spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the incredible moments you live!
  • If you spend your holidays in a foreign country,do not forget to visit some museums,get to know her culture and of course taste the traditional dishes of this country!
  • Do not forget to put your headphones on,so you can spend your time happily when you are on the ship or on the plane (this is a reminder for myself,because although the headphones are first in my travel list,I always forget them haha).
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  • It's better to adopt and not buy animals.
  • Do not adopt or buy a pet if you are not 100% sure that you can take care of it.
  • Do not hurt the animals.They aren't humans like you,but they have a soul.Do not treat them like they are stones or inanimate objects.
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~So,that's it for today guys.I hope you enjoyed this article and i also hope that you will follow my advices or at least the most of them. If you want me to do a part two of this article,then just send me a message :)

~I am waiting for your feedback,your lovely reactions and of course your suggestions for future articles.

Until next time,

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