I've always loved travelling. I have the luck my parents do to. Because of that I've been to a lot of places around the world. So here are all the countries I've been to!


jamaica, waterfall, and landscape image summer, beach, and sea image house, nature, and cool image casa, mar, and paisagem image


casas, colores, and paisaje image mexico, san luis potosi, and sotano de las golondrinas image Inspiring Image on We Heart It mexico, nature, and travel image


house, curacao, and willemstad image curacao image america, banana, and Caribbean image colors, contrast, and Houses image


castle, nature, and germany image city, cologne, and germany image city, bremen, and love image germany, photography, and travel image


landscape, photography, and porto image street image beach, blue, and landscape image portugal image


Inspiring Image on We Heart It Barcelona, city, and spain image beach, sea, and summer image Cadiz, spain, and travel image


beautiful, landscape, and inspiration image beautiful, landscape, and lifestyle image Greece, white, and summer image city, travel, and europe image


adventure, nature, and travel image Image removed city, travel, and architecture image austria, landscape, and photography image


paris, city, and travel image city, street, and travel image castle, fairy, and tale image city, france, and landscape image

The Netherlands

netherlands, photography, and the hague image amsterdam, city, and netherlands image flowers, city, and tulips image architecture, europe, and holland image


Image removed adventure, aesthetic, and aesthetics image travel and city image Image removed

See you next time!