Relationships are not my thing.
I'm always the person who likes, but doesn't get liked back.
I put myself out there just to embarrass myself.
People say that there a bunch of guys who like me, but I'm intimidating so they don't talk to me. That makes me feel good...not really.
I have a good heart and it seems people just want to take advantage of it.
Do I look like a chess piece? Or an Xbox controller because it seems guys like playing me.
I may not have been through a lot of relationships, but I've been through enough hurt to question, why do I even try?
Part of me wants to believe that not all guys are alike, but so far actions speak louder than words.
No matter how many times I may protect my heart or shield it, I always lower it because I want to try, but why even try if I should know how it could end?
I try because I want to believe that there is a genuine guy who doesn't just want me for sex, but wants me for all that I am and more.
A guy who is respectful, caring, and more.
A gentleman.
Because we all deserve someone to treat us right.
And we all deserve to be happy.