if you didn't know im a cleanse fanatic. i frickin love cleanses. at the end of last month i did a social media cleanse for a week. the only social media i went on was weheartit because at that time i didn't even see whi as a social media platform, just something fun to do when i got bored.

anyway so i didnt have any social media for a week, a full 7 days down to the hour. i had many reasons for ditching my socials, the main one being that social media becomes really stressful after a while.

so to the things i learned:

there are so many things you can do when you're bored that dont involve social media.

during my cleanse, i was writing more, singing more, playing my instruments, cleaning, looking through old pictures, etc. it was a fun time. i felt like whatever i did was more worthy of my time than being on social media, so i enjoyed experiencing the days more.

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twenty-four hours is a long time

since i wasn't able to spend hours upon hours of scrolling through twitter, checking snapchat, going through instagram, bingeing youtube, etc. i realized just how long 24 hours is. i was so much more productive with my life which i absolutely loved.

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social media is like a drug

there were so many times where i came so close to downloading the apps again. it physically pained me at some points to not see what the rest of the world was doing.

i was having relapse like episodes where i almost talked myself into being okay with logging back into everything. thankfully every time i caught myself and occupied myself with spotify instead (which i allowed myself to use because im not in communication with anyone through spotify or other music apps like that).

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whatever susan is doing on snapchat doesnt matter

being away from everyone really made me realize that the hours i spend on snapchat watching everyone else live their life are wasted. at the end of the day that aesthetically pleasing picture of in-n-out is irrelevant to my life and i shouldn't be using their life to "pass time" in mine.

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not being able to compare myself to other people made me happier

i am aware that comparing myself to anyone is soooo unhealthy yet sometimes i fall into those bad habits. taking myself away from the equation by not even allowing myself to look at those people really did make me feel better about myself and my life.

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separation makes the heart grow fonder

i wasn't gonna mention this one but whatever. i have a crush on this stupid guy and unfortunately not being able to talk to him made me like him more. (that is subsiding thank goodness)

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i can live my life without my socials

even though i turn to social media for a WIDE range of dilemnas (MANDELA EFFECT) in my life, at the end of the day im fine without it. yeah at first being away from it sucks but i'd grow accustomed to it and learn to truly enjoy my life more.

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