Such a tragedy that a day of love was turned into a day of loss. Valentine's Day will never be the same for the people affected by Nikolas Cruz. It's not fair to have to wake up one day and send your kids off to school, and the next have to plan their funeral instead of sending them on their way again to further their education. Nor is it fair for a parent to ever have to bury their child. People are cruel and full of nothing but pure evil. They should take their owns lives instead of taking the lives of innocent people!

But this post isn't to do or say anything other than remember the lives lost on this terrible day. So without further ado,

SCOTT BEIGEL An inspiration to thousands of people at Camp Starlight.

Alyssa Alhadeff a 14 year old soccer player since she was only 3.

Martin Duque Anguiano a 14 year old freshman, funny, outgoing, and sometimes really quiet. Very sweet and caring, and all of his family loved him.

Nicholas Dworet a swimmer who had taken a recruiting visit to the University of Indianapolis a few weeks back. He told the coach he wanted to compete there after he graduated.

Aaron Fies everyone knew him. He was an assistant football coach and a security monitor. He was also a former student at the high school. He played football there as well. He looked out for students who got into trouble, people who were struggling, and kids who grew up without fathers. Kids looked to him as their very own father. He was 37. He died protecting others.

Jaime Guttenberg a 14 year old dancer. She sometimes danced for hours. She enjoyed hanging out with friends, the beach, and dogs.

Christopher Hixon the school's 49 year old athletic director. He was popular around Florida high school sports. He was a great coach and a motivator when he was a freshman athlete himself.

Luke Hoyer a 15 year old who spent last Christmas in South Carolina. He was a basketball player who was ambitious about it and admired LeBron James and Stephen Curry. He was typically quiet and happy.

Cara Loughran was a 14 year old who loved the beach. She loved her cousins and was an excellent student.

Gina Montalto was a 14 year old color guard member. She had such a beautiful soul.

Joaquin Oliver Since people usually spelled his name wrong, he came up with a nickname which was short and simple... Guac. He was a basketball player, and his jersey number was 2. He loved to write poetry. He and his friend wanted to prove everyone wrong and graduate together so that they would be successful together. He was 17. He asked his friend to help out at his next game, but the shooting occurred, and he never made it to that game. His friend texted him the day of the shooting to check in, but Joaquin never responded.

Alaina Petty a 14 year old who helped during cleanup after Hurricane Irma. She was an active member of a volunteer group with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She was also a member of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Meadow Pollack was 18 and a senior at the school. She was planning to go to Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla next year. She was very strong-willed according to her father. She was smart, beautiful, and caring. She worked at her boyfriend's family's motorcycle repair business. She knew how to get what she wanted all the time, and nothing could ever stop her from what she wanted to do.

Helena Ramsay was 17, smart, kind, and thoughtful. She had motivation towards her academic studies, and her soft demeanor brought the best out of everyone she knew. She was supposed to be starting college next year.

Alex Schachter was 14 and played the trombone in the marching band. He was so proud to have won the state championship last year. He was a freshman at the school, and often played basketball with his friends. He was a sweetheart according to his father. He and his dad were discussing the classes he would take next semester earlier in the week. Alex loved his mother who died when he was 5 years old. His older brother survived the shooting. All he ever wanted to do was be great and make his parents happy.

Carmen Schentrup was a 2018 National Merit Scholarship semifinalist. He was the smartest 16 year old some had ever met.

Peter Wang was a 15 year old freshman who helped his cousin Aaron Chen adjust when he moved to Florida. He was always so nice and generous, and had made sure that Aaron didn't get bullied even though Aaron was older than Peter. Peter was last seen in his JROTC on Wednesday. The next day, authorities informed the family that Peter was among those killed in the shooting. He was the kind of kid who would be friends with anyone according to his cousin. He didn't care about being popular.

Please remember to love everyone around you, especially those whom you care about the most. You never know when their time is coming, and you always want to make sure they know that they are loved before they go. If not by anyone else, by YOU.